Nirvana Album Survey
December, 1995 - September 30, 1999

Notice: This survey has ended, but you can still see the results
 below.  Why has it ended?  Because it has been up and running 
for almost 4 years now and I don't think the voting percentages 
  will change. Nevermind will always be the #1 pick among Nirvana
fans worldwide. I hope everybody enjoyed this feature of my site.

The Final Results as of
October 1, 1999...

3886 people have voted as follows:
Nevermind--------------------------------------1239 (32%)
In Utero-----------------------------------------800  (21%)
Bleach-------------------------------------------524  (13%)
Unplugged---------------------------------------487  (13%)
Incesticide---------------------------------------446  (11%)
From the Muddy Banks of the Wishkah----------390  (10%)

Special thanks to all those who participated over the years!